Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance practices requires from a Company that it functions as a unit which is able to meet its obligations, optimize shareholders' value and be accountable towards the Employees, Government and other segments of the society.

The Company believes that the Corporate Governance is not only about creating checks and balances; it is also about creating an outperforming organization, which leads to increasing Employee and Customer satisfaction and delivering Shareholder value by ensuring timely and transparent, financial as well as managerial disclosures. Transparency, fairness, disclosure and accountability are central to the working of the Company and its Board of Directors.

Our Group is open, accessible and consistent with communication. It shares a long term perspective and firmly believes that good Corporate Governance practices underscore its drive towards competitive strength and sustained performance. Thus, basic Corporate Governance norms have been institutionalized as an enabling and facilitating business process at the Board, Management and at all operational levels.

Whistle Blower Policy

The policy provides a platform to disclose information internally to Ombudsperson, which shows serious malpractice, impropriety, abuse or wrong doing within the Group; without the fear of reprisal or victimization. The policy is applicable to all stakeholders directly or indirectly associated with the Group; employees – staff & associates (on roll / contractuals), directors, advisors, vendors, customers, etc.