COVID-19 Relief (2021)


The surge in COVID-19 cases in India has happened quite suddenly and has taken a lot of people by surprise. With such a sharp rise in new cases of COVID-19, the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have been touted to be high-risk states that are already experiencing the effects of the Second Wave. Like the 1918-20 Spanish flu, the second all-India surge of the Covid-19pandemic has been more devastating than the first. It has also appeared to be different from last year’s surge in several ways, increasing worries and anxiety. At its core, this pandemic is primarily a medical challenge being fought by heroic doctors and nurses in ICUs with ventilators and masks. The BBC and other global news agencies have telecast these scenes from both hospitals and crematoriums, sending alarm bells ringing across the globe. Even as this sordid spectacle is unfolding, healthcare workers have been working as hard as they can despite the shortages.

The Spark Minda Foundation, working along with its team, volunteers, and well-wishers has come forward to aid the Government’s disaster relief work across India.

During the Second Wave of Covid-19, it was difficult for people to scout for food, especially for the vulnerable section of the society. People were unable to acquire food because of the lockdown and were helpless. The CSR of Spark Minda carried out ration distribution drive at Uttarakhand and Maharashtra. These drives helped vulnerable people to have access to food without being exposed to the infection.

2.1 Uttarakhand Ration Distribution Drive

Targeting to leprosy affected people this Drive was organized by SMF and MCL Pantnagar. Daily ration was distributed to 45 people who were affected with leprosy and were unable to scout for food due to the lockdown. The ration kit included wheat flour, rice, pulses, spices and oil that can last for 2 months.

2.2 Maharashtra Ration Distribution Drive

Ration kits were distributed to PwDs who were told to stay back due to Covid-19 at MSIL and WHD. A total of 29 PwDs were identified and ration kit worth Rs. 1,000/- were provided to them.

3.CII-YBLF (ACMA) 200 Bedded Covid-19 Care Center

Spark Minda Foundation extended its financial support to CII - YBLF (ACMA) in building Covid-19 Care center at Gurugram. This facility provides premium care and medical facilities to Covid-19 patients.

4. Plasma Donation Drive, Pune

During the second wave of Covid-19, Initially Convalescent plasma therapy was provided to Covid-19 patients for treatment. As the demand increased and the sources were limited. Spark Minda Foundation organized a Plasma donation drive at Khed in collaboration with a local group known as “Plasma Warriors”. This helped in identification of potential plasma donors and escalated plasma availability for Covid-19 patients. The drive which started mid-April has280+ Plasma Donors and 500+ beneficiaries. The Drive is now put on hold as the Convalescent plasma therapy is dropped from clinical management guidelines for COVID-19 patients

5. Arogya Health kit Distribution, Tamil Nadu

To suppress the rising Covid-19 Cases in Tamil Nadu, there was a need to reduce Covid-19 cases by boosting immunity and providing hygienic facilities to people at their doorsteps. To facilitate this need Spark Minda Foundation prepared Covid - 19 relief kit that was supplied to the villages of Vengadu,Malaipattu, Maaganiyam, Karunakaracheri, Irumbedu, Mudukulathur, Kulathur, Navallur, Vellarai, H pet,and Putlur. The kits included 5 Mask, Sanitizer 100ml, Soap,KabasuraKudineer (khada). Renowned community members, stakeholders, MCL and MSIL employees and various volunteers participated during the health kit distribution. Total 5104 families benefited from this drive.

6. Vaccination Drive

The second wave of COVID-19 has gripped the country and we all need to come together in order to put the pandemic behind us. The best contribution we can all make together in these trying times is to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible. In order to support the country, fight the pandemic, Spark Minda Group has launched COVID-19 vaccination drive for the employees. The CSR is also coordination with the local government to catalyze the vaccination drive for the community.

6.1 Vaccination for employees and community, Tamil Nadu

Spark Minda initiated its first vaccination drive at MCL and MSIL Chennai. The Vaccination drive which was in collaboration with the health department is a stepping stone for upcoming vaccination drives. Adhering to government guidelines the drive took place at 2 different locations - Vengadu and Pillaipakkam. One at Vengadu village where 84 people got vaccinated and the other camp was set up at MCL Pillaipakkam that offered vaccination to 82 employees.

6.2 Vaccination for PwDs, Uttarakhand

Spark Minda Foundation collaborated with social welfare department of Uttarakhand to priority vaccination of Persons with disability which are highly dependent on others for the smooth functioning of their daily life. The drive was conducted at different blocks of Udham Singh Nagar consisting of Sitarganj, Kahtima, Rudrapur and Kashipur.The CSR team assisted with mobilization of PwDs, transport and logistics for the medical team along with food and refreshments for the entire drive. A total of 556 people is covered under this drive


It is a government backed Life Insurance Scheme which was proposed in the budget (FY-2015) by Aru Jaitley (Finance Minister) and launched by Narendra Modi (Prime Minister) in February 2015. SMFteam raised awareness among the community stakeholders regarding claims from the PMJJY scheme. The team connected to various Asha Workers, Social Workers, friends and family to find out approx. no. of deceased people. Team guided the families with active policies to take suggestions from the nearest banker in the community or directly get to the bank for final confirmation and also carry along the death certificate of the deceased (original & photocopy) and Aadhar card of the self for availing the claim form.