Environment & Safety

Environment Protection, Energy Conservation and Waste Management

Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group has always been committed to developing products and manufacturing processes that combine technological innovation with respect for the environment.

We are focused on undertaking operational measures and initiatives that help in improving enterprise-wide environmental sustainability. Eco-awareness and responsible use of energy resources are not just a part of its sustainability strategy but a fundamental operational pre requisite.

Electricity Conservation

We have promoted green initiatives through regular monitoring on electricity consumption and electricity saving. In some of our units, we have successfully implemented electronic room sensors, which will switch off lights & AC automatically, when persons are not in room. Usage of transparent roof sheets and reflective light model at our units allow sun light to come to shop floor saving electricity consumed for lights during day time and we are also promoting more usage of alternative fuels & renewable energy like solar lighting in our plant / unit areas, water heating in our processes.

Water Conservation

Our goal in water conservation is zero discharge from our units. For this, we are making an effort to maximize our water recovery at our plant / unit locations. The recycled water obtained is used in processes, which made a concern on minimizing the purchase of water at our plants.

Waste Management

Disposing of waste in an environment-friendly manner is crucial to every organisation. The industrial waste is managed by collecting, disposing, managing and monitoring the waste materials and we are doing this through, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle (triple ‘R’ Principle).

We have installed waste collection bins at all identified strategic places. All bins are colour coded according to the specific waste like paper, plastic, cloth, oil & metal. Timely awareness and training is also given to the staff so that they are well aware of its implementation. We are also concerned towards minimizing the usage of stationary paper for printing and maximizing reusing of packaging materials.

Through our initiatives, Spark Minda has currently -

  • Planted 7353 trees with more than 90% survival
  • Saved 183 trees (17.83 Lacs paper) through our paper saving initiatives
  • Generated 31127 KWH Solar Energy
  • Saved 40.6 Lacs KWH of electricity
  • Recycled 410467 KL water

To read more, please visit the link: http://csr.minda.co.in/programmes-2