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Leadership Development

In July 2009, the Leadership Development Initiative got commenced in the Spark Minda. Various important tenets of the Leadership Development Initiative are given below:

Vision: To lead the management practices in developing global business leaders who build sustainable businesses.

Philosophy: The Spark Minda Leadership is grounded in following philosophical tenets:

  • Leadership has a direct impact on business outcomes
  • All can be developed into leaders. However, developing leaders within defined timeframe is easier if minimal threshold leadership competencies exist
  • Spot early, identify the competency profile and leverage on the strengths of people
  • Leadership is not individual heroism but a team phenomenon
  • Leadership team has to be constituted such that the team members complement each others' competencies

Objective: Build a pipeline of leaders by spotting objectively and developing experientially.

The Leadership Development in the Spark Minda is an on-going initiative and the approach to Leadership Development consists of:

  • Spot early and objectively, based upon competencies
  • Decide the career path
  • Develop leaders for the next career role by designing experiences
  • The onus of development is with the person; however, facilitate, support and mentor people being developed
  • Stick to the development plan with rigor
  • Monitor and review the plan for achievement and mid-course corrections if needed
  • Appreciate and celebrate development

The leadership development initiative is led by each of the business head within the strategic framework of the Group Corporate.

The model of leadership development evolved in Dec 2010 and being implemented in the Group is given below:


Leadership Themes & Competencies
ThemesThemes Thought Leadership
(Brings Competitive Edge)
Performance Leadership
(Translates Ideas into Results)
People Leadership
(Enables & unleashes Potential)
Competencies Entrepreneurship
(Sees opportunity in ambiguous situations translates into a commercial proposition and executes with courage by taking calculated risks.)
Business Acumen
(Growth of business by being customer focusedleading to generation of cash, optimizing value and en acts proactively mitigating business risk.)
Passion and Execution (Self)
(Emotional engagement with work leading to a mission ary zeal for results, by adhering to processes/systems and taking ownership and accountability for results.)
Strategic Thinking
(Creatively draws a picture of future by considering multiple factors, demystifies complexity and has strong conviction for it's attainment.)
Enabling Change
(Proactively sensing problem, creating a sense of urgency leading to enrolment for implemention, aligns context & learning for results.)
Employee Empowerment (Others)
(Empowering employee by actively listening, without using positional power, delegating and mentoring them and by nurturing diversity.)