Our manufacturing facilities include the following


High Pressure Die Casting – Cold Chamber

  • State-of-the-Art PLC/CNC Controlled with vacuum system
  • Capacity: 150 to 530 Tons Locking Force
  • Machine make: Buhler, Toshiba, Zitai

High Pressure Die Casting – Hot Chamber

  • Complete Automatic Zinc PDC machines
  • Cellular Concept Layout – Die Casting till packing in one single cell
  • Capacity: 30 to 280 Tons locking force
  • Make: Producer, Techmire, Frech, Jeng Fong

Gravity Die Casting

  • Machines Capacity: Casting weight range from 100 gms up to 15 Kg
  • Technology: -45˚ to 90˚ Tilting with PLC Controlled with temperature locking system

Other Facilities

  • Auto Pouring
  • Sand Core Shooters
  • T6 Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Gate Cutting SPMs
  • Shot Blasting
  • Jet Washing
  • Leak Testing
  • Child Part Assembly

Low Pressure Die Casting

  • LPDC Machine – S500 Susha Make
  • Machines Capacity: Casting weight range 0.250 Kg to 25 Kg can be produced
  • Technology: Bottom fill with fully PLC controlled machine

Machining Facility with Single Piece Flow Concept

  • CNC machines – AMS Make
  • VMC machines – Makino, BFW & AMS Make
  • SPMs

Quality Assurance Equipments

  • X-Ray (GE-XCUBE 160KV)
  • K mould for oxide / inclusion detection
  • Spectrometer: Spectromax
  • CMM: Zeiss
  • Contour Tracer: Mitutoyo
  • Profile Projector
  • Microscope with Particle Size Analyzer
  • Millipore Test Rig
  • Boroscope
  • Salt Spray Tester
  • DI Tester
  • Roughness Tester
  • Electronic Gauging Facility
  • Hardness Tester: Rockwell B & C Scale, Brinell
  • UTM: Fine Instruments
  • Sand Testing Equipments: Sieve Shaker, Hot Tensile Strength, and Scratch Hardness
  • Powder Coating/Plating/Surface treatment testing equipments: Micro sample moulding machine, Polishing machine, DFT meter, and Pencil Hardness tester etc.