Research & Development

Minda Corporation Limited is a company which has evolved with the technology. The company has a separate focus on developing new products and has a special cell which is working day & night to develop new technology products for its customers.

A team of 75 engineers are working on Mechanical & Electronic Security Systems, Door Systems & Electronic Controllers.

The engineers are trained all over the world and have an ability to design new products. Latest technological advancements are tracked & the products are benchmarked with the best in the class products. The design teams of the Group companies in Germany & Japan are very much integrated with our design team.

The Company is very sensitive to IPR and has a cell which continuously keeps track of the happenings in the globe. Minda Corporation Limited has filed 70 patents on Magnetic Shutter technology and Immobilizers & 2 patents on Plastic interiors. Some of the patents are applicable in Indonesia, Vietnam, Phillippines, Thailand and Japan besides India. Twelve (13) patents have been granted to Minda Corporation Limited.

The R & D team jointly undertakes certain development projects with premium technical institutes in India and also has Japanese advisors on its panel to help it update on technology front & be a market Leader.