Starter Motors

Currently, Our Starter Motors & Alternators Division Starter motors are built based on the latest technology known as Gear-Reduction Technology. These GRS technology Starters are fast replacing Direct-Drive technology Starter motors in various segments.

This GRS design Starter motors are lesser in weight, and compact in dimensions, compare to Direct-Drive design. This technology delivers high specific torque and starting speed, and efficient faster startability of engine, making it a best choice for OEM Customers offlate.

  • Lighter in Weight compare to Direct-Drive Starter motors
  • Compactness & its weight achieves less Packaging space on any vehicle
  • High Specific Torque and Speed starts engine at very faster rate
  • Enhances Battery life due to its less current drawn by Starter motor
  • Easy to Service and lower maintenance cost

Product Range

Frame Size Voltage Power
Dia 74 12 V 0.7 kW to 1.7 kW.
Dia 92 12 V 1.8 kW to 3.0 kW.
Dia 95 12 V 3.2 kW to 3.5 kW.
Dia 92 24 V 3.5 kW.


Technology Reduction-Gear Technology
Type Nose-less type
Voltage 12V & 24V.
Rated Output Power 0.7 kW to 3.5 kW.
Application Diesel Engine. Upto 4.5 Ltrs.Capacity, 4 Cyl.
Weight 2.8 kg. to 6.6 kg.
Rotation Clock wise and Anti-Clock wise (as viewed from Pinion end)
Operating Conditions From -40°C to +130°C peak (Storage)
From -40°C to +100°C (No Load)
Protection Category IP-54 Certified. For Splash & Dust norms DIN40050.
IP-67 Design, with Water Dip-Proof, underway.
Construction Closely balanced Armature assembly
Supported by Bearings for smooth running of both Bendix & Armature.
Maintenance free product, without any Lubrication requirement.
Longer brush life, and Trouble free service life.
Reliability Proven 1.85 Lakh starts. (* Tested under Lab conditions)
Patents Design for ‘Pinion side’ Water Splash protection. (Provisional applied)
Foot print (India & Overseas) Tractor segment, Stationary engines, Construction equipment segment – OEMs Variants available.
CV segment with ‘After Market Replacement’ models.
  • Can develop Starter motors & support with tailor made solutions at a faster & competitive rate.

The specifications are subject to change without notice