Welcome To Telematics & electric mobility


Telematics and Electric Mobility Division is founded by professionals with extensive global experience in the high-tech IT industry, with a vision to touch every human life through embedded, intelligent technology that can improve safety, productivity and quality in daily life.

The Telematics and Electric Mobility Division value system includes:

  • Helping our customer grow his business. Provide him value beyond the price
  • Sharing our growth with our partners and employees
  • Innovating every day
  • Being an ethical and socially conscious business entity



Telematics and Electric Mobility Division has end to end capabilities from design to serial production of the ‘Things’ that make the Internet of Things. We also have the experience for creating optimal GIS enabled location aware applications that can talk to the ‘Things’. Our technology skill set spans embedded designs around micro controllers and DSP processors with firmware developed in ‘C’. Application development and deployment expertise centers around MS-SQL and the .Net framework. Engineering skill set covers electronics hardware and production process experience, including driving the product design. We work within an eco-system of Design, R&D, Engineering, Software Development and manufacturing, to transform ideas in to reality. All our activities are covered by a certified ISO 9001:2008 quality system.

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