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Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Development has always been a value-driven concept at Spark Minda Group, which Late Shri S.L. Minda “Babuji” started. His boundless vision and energy were not just restricted to business; he was a Philanthropist, Visionary and Founder of the Minda Group. He worked hard for the marginalised sections of society, focusing on education, employment, culture, healthcare and sports.

Spark Minda Foundation was incorporated under Section 8 of the Companies Act and is the CSR wing for the group companies to undertake CSR programmes since 2014.

The main aim of SMF is to work for community development by catering to Education, Livelihood Promotion, Women Empowerment, the Facilitation of Healthcare, the Upliftment of People with disabilities and sustaining the Environment. In keeping with this aim, the Foundation runs projects and programmes for the communities in the rural areas of 5 states of India, namely, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The vision of the Foundation is to build a sustainable society by improving the quality of life; protecting the planet through affirmative actions and establishing integrated and inclusive growth of people and the environment. The approach is need-based and focuses on collaborating with like-minded institutions to cater to a wide range of people around the nation.

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Education and Livelihood Promotion

Empowerment of people with Disabilities

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Environment Protection


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