Electrical DistributionSystem Division

Spark Minda is one of the leading manufacturers of a broad range of Wiring Harnesses, Battery Cables, Wiring Sets, Connectors & Terminals and Low Voltage WH for EV commercial vehicles.

We have constantly enhanced the wiring harness designs through latest, advanced engineering and increased productivity to provide world-class and reliable products. We provide connective solutions for all the vehicle categories, including off-road vehicles. The connectors are developed in-house, making us self-reliant through the entire process. With expertise in processes and product management, this business division offers end to end solutions to the customers, right from design to the delivery of our end products.


4W EV Wiring Harness

  • Optimise power distribution for enhanced electric vehicle performance
  • Advanced Safety Features ensure a secure electrical system.
  • Seamless Integration with EV architecture enhances overall performance

2W EV Wiring Harness

  • The electric drivetrain of an HEV or EV is mainly composed of a high-voltage battery, inverters, and motors.
  • High-voltage (HV) wiring harnesses connect all the components with each other.

3W EV Wiring Harness

  • The wiring harness in a 3W EV distributes power from the battery to components such as the electric motor, controller, lights, and other electrical systems.
  • Wiring harnesses in EVs are often modular, making it easier to install, replace, or upgrade specific components.

Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

  • Centralises power distribution for efficient routing of power within the vehicle
  • PDUs are critical for managing and distributing electrical power within vehicles, ensuring safety, reliability
  • Enhances the reliability of the electrical system, reducing the risk of electrical failures


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