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Customers expect their automotive Electronic Sub-Assemblies (ESA) to work flawlessly in the presence of Electromagnetic Interference. SMIT EMC lab analyses the ability of electrical and electronic equipment to operate as intended, when in proximity to other devices.

Testing enables manufacturers to diagnose and fix unexpected electromagnetic interference as well as compatibility issues to avoid costly redesigns later. We offer testing services to different international / National standards such as ISO, CISPR, ECE R10, AIS, JASO & and OEM specific test standards. Our lab infrastructure consists of 1m semi-anechoic chamber for radiated emissions/immunity test and dedicated shielded rooms for Bulk Current Injection (BCI) test, Conducted Emission test, Electro-static Discharge (ESD) test. Other EMC test facilities for conducted immunity test, Immunity to magnetic fields test, climatic test and Abnormal voltage test.

Salient features

  • Accredited by NABL.
  • Covering international & global OEM specifications.
  • One stop EMC service provider.
  • State of the Art equipped test facility.
  • Fully automated test measurements.
  • Technical competence up to its mark.
  • Absorber Lined Shielded Chamber (ALSE) for RE/RI/CE tests.
  • Radiated immunity test severity up to 200V/m.
  • Shielding Effectiveness of ALSE chamber is >90dB.
  • High definition camera for overlaying the test parameters.
  • Optical transceivers for un-interrupted communication.
  • Accoutred with best customer support.

List of Tests

  • Radiated Emission
  • Conducted Emission(Voltage method)
  • Conducted Emission (Current Probe Method)
  • Conducted Transient Emission
  • Radiated Immunity - ALSE method
  • Radiated Immunity - BCI method
  • Immunity to onboard Transmitters
  • High Energy surge
  • Electrical fast transient
  • Power Frequency magnetic field
  • AC Voltage Dips and Interruption
  • Thermal chamber
  • Voltage Intermittent
  • Reverse polarity
  • Power supply voltage range
  • Over voltage
  • Immunity to Open & Short Circuits
  • Power supply to micro interruptions
  • Jump start
  • Ground reference & supply offset
  • Momentary drop in supply voltage
  • Superimposed alternator voltage
  • Discontinuities in supply voltage
  • Slow decrease and increase of power supply
  • Dielectric strength
  • Insulation resistance
  • Reset behaviour at voltage drop
  • Momentary Interruption of power
  • Immunity to source voltage fluctuation
  • Hot plug
  • Electro-Static Discharge (Powered & Unpowered)
  • Immunity to radiated magnetic field
  • Conducted Transient Immunity pulses (Pulse 1; 2a; 2b; 3a; 3b; 4; 5a & 5b)


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