Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Spark Minda firmly upholds the values of sound Corporate Governance, fostering a culture of strong and efficient decision-making. Our unwavering commitment to transparency, independence, and accountability is reflected in the meticulous implementation of processes, practices, and policies.

These are based on the principles of constant improvement and sustainable value creation for all stakeholders. Spark Minda carefully balances the interests of various stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, bankers, shareholders, employees, government and the society. We follow the highest standards of Corporate Governance best practices and strictly adhere to and implement the requirements set out by SEBI’s Corporate Governance norms.

Spark Minda has deep focus on the function and enhanced the scope of the internal audit department and included areas establishing corporate governance policy, internal control framework, conducting internal audits, management audits, IT audits, drafting and implementing policies and procedures, complying with environmental laws, reviewing and reporting of statutory compliances.



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